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Shyne & the CWU vs. Faber & Budhrani

Shyne & the CWU vs. Faber & Budhrani
August 23
12:25 2018

Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow has publicly condemned the decision by Minister of Culture Patrick Faber to appoint Sapna Budhrani as the new President of the National Institute of Culture and History.

Barrow, the Mesopotamia candidate for the United Democratic Party, said that he is convinced that there are more qualified persons to hold the post of NICH and that Faber should have considered other options. But he didn’t just stop there. He went for Faber’s jugular, stating that “his (Faber’s) judgment has not always been reliable, so let me start with that.” Barrow claims that he has contacted Faber with his concerns but has gotten no response.

Barrow pointed out that one of his major issues is that Budhrani is already the administrator of NICH and should not occupy the presidency because it removes a necessary check and balance system to ensure transparency.

Barrow also said that he feels Budhrani doesn’t have the experience in the creative field to be able to hold the presidency of NICH, that the process she was appointed under is less than credible because she was not interviewed for the presidency or the administrator’s posts, and that he feels she has no vision on taking the creative sector forward.

The Music Ambassador went on to say that he is not the only one with those concerns, but there are many that are afraid to step forward and speak out because they are afraid of losing their jobs or facing some other kind of repercussion.

Today, Thursday, the Christian Workers Union (CWU) weighed in by supporting Barrow’s position, stating that they had been asked to do so by their members working at NICH. In a release this evening, the Union states that the “CWU’s experience too is that Ms. Budhrani, since her appointment as NICH Administrator, never responds timely to CWU correspondences. Promised reforms, including salary scales with performance-based increments, remain unfulfilled. NICH Staff have long spoken of a lack of proper accountability and transparency in the way the Institute operates… Staff at the Sites speak of a hostile work environment where Ms. Budhrani is dismissive and disrespectful towards them. Recently some Staff resigned rather than continue to endure the largely dead-end existence which NICH has thus far failed to ameliorate, as repeatedly promised.”

In mid-July Faber announced that Budhrani would be appointed to the presidency because her predecessor, Greg Vernon, was vacating the post to pursue a political career. Faber said that the ministry was going to find another person to occupy the administrator’s post within a week’s time.

Faber stressed that Budhrani is more than competent to fill the post, despite various allegations coming out of NICH about questionable financial practices.

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