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Family of Missing Men Seek Closure

Family of Missing Men Seek Closure
January 25
08:43 2019 - News Staff - Jan. 25th. - 

The families of three men who are missing, presumably at sea, continue to hope for closure or any sort of evidence that could lead to the discovery of their loved ones, following weeks of constant searches out at sea.

This week the family of Evan Neal, 43, who went missing from his fishing camp on Mapp Caye over a week ago, were on edge following word that one of Neal’s small fishing boats was found hidden in the Haulover Creek in the Lake Independence Area. When Police got on the scene, though, they confirmed that the skiff was not one missing with Neal.

The family has also revealed that they were informed that authorities are following up on multiple leads and in the next couple of days will commence the rounding up of suspects for questioning.

Neal was discovered missing on January 14th when authorities and family members visited the camp and found the body of Neal’s watchman stuffed inside an outside latrine. Two of Neal’s dogs had been killed, and two of his skiffs and another caretaker identified as Anthony Reneau were also missing.

Since then multiple searches done by family members and the Coast Guard have turned up nothing.

Also in anguish is the family of Greg Dillon, 32, who disappeared on December 10th, 2018 while on his way home from his fishing camp in the Turneffe Atoll Area. Dillon had left home a couple days prior and explained to his wife that he was going out to his camp to fish, but would be returning home that Monday.

The watchman at Dillon’s camp later confirmed that his employer did set out for home when he said he would. Dillon, however, never made it home and since then searches for him have come up empty-handed, except for one of his ice coolers which was found two weeks ago floating in the vicinity of Black Bird Caye.

Earlier this week the Reporter reached out to Dillon’s common-law wife, Genay Dillon and she expressed her discontent at the way Police and in particular the Coast Guard are handling her husband’s case. Dillon told the Reporter that both departments seem to have completely stopped the search for her husband and if she doesn’t reach out to them for regular updates she doesn’t hear from them at all.

“We really haven’t gotten as much help. It’s just very close family members trying to execute searches. We are not getting any help from the Coast Guard. The last time when we wanted to go out they stated that they would have a boat meet us out there. We went out there and contacted them and they said that they were sending a boat. We waited, and nothing. So we contacted them again and they informed us that someone was on their way but nobody showed up,” Dillon told us.

She also told the Reporter that to her amazement, on one of the trips she met some Coast Guard Officers out at sea and was shocked to find out that they not even know that searches were ongoing for her husband.

Even worse for the family is that over the past two weeks they have been forced to stall searches due to the high cost of renting boats and fuel, leaving them hopeless – “We as the family are trying to get some answers by ourselves, but if nobody is saying anything what can we do? We have done searches, we placed the information on Facebook to see whether we could get any type of information, if anybody saw anything, but nothing.”

Dillon says that the only information she found out was that her husband was having mechanical difficulties with his engine when he left for home. She was also informed that the sea conditions that day were very rough.

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