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Mike Peyrefitte for UDP Chairman?

Mike Peyrefitte for UDP Chairman?
October 25
10:29 2019
  • By Marion Ali – –

This week’s declaration by the UDP’s Tracy Taegar declaring her candidacy for the position of 1st Deputy Leader of the party was not the only surprise announcement. Earlier in the week, Attorney General, Senator Mike Peyrefitte declared that he too was going to enter his own race. Peyrefitte put in his name for the position of UDP Chairman – a post that has been held since 2013 by Alberto August.

But August was not the least bit stunned by Peyrefitte’s announcement. In fact, he told the Reporter on Wednesday that: “It has never been about Alberto August. The best interest of the Party is far greater than Alberto August! Going into the next elections, our Party needs more than Alberto August. With Michael Peyrefitte as the Chairman and Alberto August as the Vice Chairman, the UDP will be moved like if has never been moved before.”

Peyrefitte explained to the media, meanwhile that he is running as an independent candidate. “When you look at the Constitution of the UDP, the leader, first deputy and second deputy must be persons who come from the House of Representatives. The chairman and deputy chairman cannot come from the House. Any other UDP may vie for chairman or deputy chairman and I think the reason for that is clear. …You want the chairman and the deputy chairman to be as neutral as possible. Why? The chairman under the UDP Constitution is the chief referee of most disputes or most questions or anything you can think about. The chairman plays a very, very key role. So I don’t think it would be healthy for any presumptive chairman or any possible chairman to take a side with any of the other candidates, whether for leadership, for first deputy or second deputy.”

Peyrefitte said that whoever becomes the new UDP leader will have his full respect. He also told us that his bid for UDP Chairman does not at all end his interest in electoral politics. He said he will never give up that bid.

There is one other person who declared on Thursday that they will also challenge for the seat of Deputy Chairman against August. Clifford Peters from Dangriga announced on Thursday that he will vie for that office on the John Saldivar slate.

Friday marked the deadline for applications for the executive posts of the UDP.

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