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Missing Teen Found Murdered and Dumped

Missing Teen Found Murdered and Dumped
November 15
14:26 2019

Missing Teen Found Murdered and Dumped

ON Tuesday, November 12, 2019 –
Eighteen-year-old Jaswant Brooks left his home in the Lake I community last Monday to make a purchase on Police Street. He promised his father that he would return shortly, but he never did and after days of extensive searches his decomposed body was found floating in a swampy area near mile six on the George Price Highway.

Brooks’ body was extracted from the scene around 2:10 p.m. on November 8th. Police observed that he had an injury on the back of his head. A post mortem examination conducted on the body the following day was unable to determine a cause of death due to the advanced state of decomposition.

The family became concerned on Monday, November 4th after he failed to return home, something that they say that he never does due to medical complications that he suffered. Then family members received information that Brooks was beaten up inside a yard, murdered and his body dumped in the Burdon Creek Canal near mile six on the George Price Highway.

On Thursday, Police commenced their search for Brooks in the general area of the canal; however, they say that their efforts were focused on the opposite side of the canal from where Brooks’ body was eventually located. It wasn’t until Friday evening, following multiple false reports, that an individual who was driving on the highway reported spotting a body floating in some mangroves within the canal.

Following the discovery, lead investigator of the Crimes Investigation Branch Superintendent Alejandro Cowo told the media that from his observations it appears that Brooks was killed the same day that he went missing. Police do not have any records of the deceased and from all accounts, it appears that Brooks did not associate himself with any of the gangs in the neighborhood. Cowo confirmed that the motive for Brooks’ murder is still under investigation and that Police are investigating multiple leads, including one that Brook’s death might be connected to another crime.

Four days after Brook’s body was located and it was officially declared a murder investigation, Brooks’ father Kent Brooks Sr. told the Reporter that up to date Police have made no arrests for his son’s death. According to the elder Brooks, information on the street is that his son was beaten up and then shot to the back of his head in the same vicinity where he went to make his purchase. Brooks says that tensions in the area were high that day due to a crime that had just occurred the previous night and so he believes that his son was the victim of a retaliation.

Brooks told the newspaper that he would conduct regular checks with Jaswant to see whether he had any enemies on the street but he was always told “no” because Jaswant was a quiet and humble teenager that would spend most of his days at home. Brooks said that this is the second son that he has lost to gun violence and so knowing how cruel the streets are as a father, he tried to keep Jaswant from out of trouble, but that did not seems enough in the end since despite all his efforts at prevention the streets still came to claim his son’s life.

Brooks other son, son Kent Brooks Jr. was shot and killed in July 2016 while standing inside a yard on Lacroix Boulevard in Belize City. There was never any arrest for that murder and the father believes that he will never get any justice for either of his sons’ deaths.

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