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Forestry Officers On Lookout for Cat Poachers Near PG

Forestry Officers On Lookout for Cat Poachers Near PG
November 21
10:23 2019

Forestry Officers On Lookout for Cat Poachers Near PG

  • By Marion Ali – –

A young male Ocelot – a species of wildcat that is similar to the Jaguar – was discovered killed and beheaded on Sunday morning in the Dump Area near Punta Gorda, not far from where a decapitated Jaguar was found earlier this year. These incidents have sparked concern among Forestry Officers who are now looking at a trend in that area and for the person or persons responsible..

Photos that friends from the Forestry Department provided, show a clear stab wound in the middle of the animal’s shoulder blade, apparently a direct strike to his heart.

The Officers have received informal information of who is committing the acts, but without a written report from an eyewitness, they cannot make an arrest. They warn that the trapping, snaring, capture, killing and selling of these endangered animals for their parts as ornaments or souvenirs is illegal and punishable by law. Anyone who commits an offence may be charged, and fined up to $1,000 or face six months imprisonment.

Endangered wildcats, including the Jaguar, Margay, Puma and Ocelot, are frequent sightings along that southern region because the area is along their natural biological corridor. Ocelots are slightly smaller than the jaguar with a smaller head and longer neck.

These cats have become frequent victims of either traffic accidents or decapitation in that general area of Toledo over the past year. In May, a young Jaguar was discovered in similar fashion, discarded off the road after its head had also been removed.

If you see or know of anyone who is harming these creatures for their body parts, you’re urged to report the crime to the nearest Forest Department office.

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