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Family Decimated by Gun Violence

Family Decimated by Gun Violence
November 22
10:45 2019

Thursday, November 21, 2019

A wave of tragedy has shaken the Wagner family, and now their Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations will never be the same due to the shocking Monday night shooting that claimed the life of Dangriga resident Jahvin Charles Wagner 20.

Wagner, well-known in the culture capital of Dangriga was shot to his head as he stood talking to a friend on a sidewalk located on Commerce Street. Cops say that around 6:50 p.m. on November 18th while Wagner was busy conversing with the male person, a gunman approached him and fired a single shot in his direction, killing him.

A friend and witness to the murder recounted that just moments prior to the shooting, he and a group of friends were walking through an alley when they came face to face with three gunmen. One of the gunmen pointed his weapon at one of Wagner’s friend who was on a motorcycle but the firearm snapped. Another took aim at Wagner and fired directly at his head, while the third gunman reportedly tripped and fell. The witness said that the first few shots fired scattered the gathering, and all ran for cover. When the gunmen fled through the alley the crowd returned to find Wagner laid out on the pavement, gasping for air. Shortly after, cops responded to the scene and transported him to the Southern Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

On Wednesday Commissioner of Police Chester Williams confirmed that investigators are seeking one person of interest who is reported to have a misunderstanding with Wagner. Williams said that when that person is located, that will determine where the investigation goes. According to the Compol, two weeks ago Wagner had expressed concerns for his safety and his family had moved him from Dangriga and relocated him to another part of the country to live. However, unknown to cops, Wagner returned to Dangriga for the holiday celebrations and police only knew about it after he had been murdered.

Wagner’s family is still coping with the murder of his older brother, Jebran ‘Sucu’ Wagner, 21, who was executed in September while at a house party on Coney Drive. Prior to that, the family had also buried Wagner’s stepfather, Edwin Nasario, who was gunned down in the Southern Regional Hospital compound at the end of July – three family members murdered within a span of four months.

To escape the wave of gun violence that seemed to be targeting his family members, Wagner was scheduled to leave the country to go live with family abroad. His flight was scheduled for Wednesday, but death came calling before he could leave.

One of Wagner’s sisters told the Reporter – “Only God knows how we are coping with it. We are hurt. It’s depressing, it’s sad and only time might be able to heal us. Both of my brothers were loved by lots of people, and we have lots of condolences coming from everyone.”

Sources say that the gunmen are believed to be from Belize City.

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