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Taiwan Comes Up Big for the BPD

Taiwan Comes Up Big for the BPD
November 23
14:24 2019

Taiwan Comes Up Big for the BPD

On Wednesday, (Nov. 20th.) the Government of Taiwan gifted the Belize Police Department with the money to purchase a Coaster bus which will be used to shuttle officers who work in the city, but live in the north or west. It is a commitment which was made by Commissioner Chester Williams shortly after he came to office, and while he has been criticized by some in the department who think this promise took too long in the delivery stage, Williams says he set the play in motion when he became ComPol, and has been working hard since to make it a reality.

According to Williams, he has been constantly occupied with finding ways to boost the morale of his officers. He told the media Wednesday that he met with the Taiwanese Ambassador within one week of him taking office, and the discussion centered on ways in which the Taiwanese government could assist the Belize Police Department. Williams then followed up during a recent trip to Taiwan. A proposal was submitted one month ago and that has resulted in financing being provided for one bus by the end of the year, and another in the early part of the year.

Williams admitted that the Government does pay housing allowances to officers who work in one district and live in another, but explained that some officers have good reason for the commute. “It is very disheartening to me to see my officers having to hitchhike on the road at night trying to get home, so this was very important for me to get for them,” Williams told the media.

The two buses come at a total value of approximately $250,000

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