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Man Dies In Freak Accident

Man Dies In Freak Accident
December 24
20:55 2019

Man Dies In Freak Accident

Monday, December 23, 2019

Benque Viejo resident William Orellana, 41, died over the weekend after he was involved in a freak accident at his workplace in Georgeville, Cayo.

Cops say that around 9:00 p.m. on December 20th, they received a call that there had been an accident at a construction compound situated at mile 60 and 61 on the George Price Highway.

Upon arrival at the location, they discovered the body of a Hispanic male person lying face up between two trucks. The person was later identified as Orellana, and he had serious injuries to his head and body.

The scene was processed and Orellana’s body was removed and transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:18 p.m.

Police’s investigation revealed that around 8:30 that night Orellana was reportedly cleaning one of the trucks when one of the truck’s hydraulic feet sank into the ground causing the truck to tilt sideway. That truck, according to Police, slammed into the other truck which was parked beside it, trapping Orellana between, crushing his head and killing him almost instantly.

The Reporter reached out to family members of the deceased for a comment but they declined, stating that they are still in the process of gathering and verifying information that was passed to them by Police. When they are certain of what exactly happened then they will be more at liberty to offer additional information.
What the family did confirm was that Orellana had been employed with the company for over five years. He was also the father of two girls, one of them a newborn baby.

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