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No Coronavirus Travelers At P.G.I.A – Just MOH Precautions

No Coronavirus Travelers At P.G.I.A – Just MOH Precautions
February 08
16:04 2020

No Coronavirus Travelers At P.G.I.A – Just MOH Precautions

Saturday, Feb. 8th. 2020 –

The following is the latest press release from the Ministry of Health on its vigilance and monitoring of reports relating to the Coronavirus.

* * * *

The surveillance team of the Central Health Region and this desk had been alerted of a flight that would be landing in Belize that had 12 passengers with flights originating out of China and the team was prepared to initiate our investigation upon arrival.

We can confirm that indeed the flight had 12 persons who had arrived in the US in the latter part of January and who had previously been in China, they all had different departure dates. During their days of stay in the US they have confirmed they visited multiple places as tourists. As per protocol, our concern remains the 14 day period after having departed from China.

Upon arrival, we were notified of 3 passengers who appeared to be ill.
We can now confirm that all passengers in this group of travelers have been checked by the group of doctors who were deployed to the airport and all of them are afebrile with no respiratory condition that would seem to be related to the flu. One person was hoarse and had a chronic cough (years) and a sample/swab was taken as a screening measure. This sample will be processed this afternoon at our Central Medical Laboratory.

For now, these passengers have been cleared by health authorities but we understand that there are immigration anomalies that are currently being sorted out in conjunction with the airline.

We continue to advise all to please await for official confirmation of any story / rumor before causing further panic as that certainly doesn’t help any or our processes.

To the teams across the country who continue to be actively engaged in our routine public health measures, we salute and thank you all.

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