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All About The People

All About The People
February 14
09:31 2020

The Never-Ending Game
By: Neri O. Briceño

At 10:45pm on November 9th, 1989 the Berlin Wall which was the physical separation that divided East and West Germany came crumbling down. While the state of Germany has always been a nation even prior to World War I, it’s separation between the Communist East and Democratic West was physically realized during the height of the Cold War during the 1960s. The nation would remain divided for the next 43 years, based on nothing except the ideological approaches of the capitalist United States and the communist USSR.

The unification of Germany was brought about by what we now call ‘people power.’ When the massive crowds gathering on the East Germany side of the border became too overwhelming that the East German border Guards could no longer contain them, the gates at the checkpoint were simply opened and the wall was no more. Since its unification, Germany has mended its relationship with the East and has embraced all the nations of Europe. Realizing the failures of a socialist or fixed economy and the colossal environment for corruption that it created, the nation embraced capitalism and has prospered under it. Today, Germany remains a powerhouse in the international community and has one of the strongest economies in the World. However, remnants of the old power structure and the old guards of the previous East German states, who were now citizens of a new unified Germany did not give up so easily and used everything at their disposal to remain relevant, persevere their wealth and influence and to keep Germany in the past and with a socialist twist. These fights were no longer over the wall or with bullets, espionage or threats – rather they were now fought at the ballot.

Belize has been permanently divided by partisan party politics and if the developments over the past four days do not show that, then nothing else will. For the first time in its young history, the nation faced one of its biggest political crises. While this may have seemed an issue that was an internal party matter exclusively for the United Democratic Party, the ramification had the potential to affect the entire nation. I will not go over all the details that transpired since they have been in the headlines for week, but what I will say is that the lust for power in Belize knows no bounds. There appears to be nothing that is off limits to gain, maintain and sustain power. This transcends party lines and not confined solely to the UDPs.

The politicians in our nation, with the aid, help and consent of hardcore party hardliners, have created a ‘Berlin Wall’ division that has polarized this nation. The combatants on both sides of this wall have dug in and will do just about anything to see their sides win. It is no longer about country. To make the other side look bad, one of the primary strategies has been the blame game, and both are often guilty of everything of which they accuse the other. There is no doubt that there are good, honest people in both mass parties that have governed Belize. Mind you, they are few and far between and most of the time they have not made that difference that the people so yearn for.

Instead, the lunatics have taken over the asylum and those with the worst track records for dishonesty, corruption, nepotism and the lowest moral character have risen to the top – to the levels of leadership and influence. I am not a political pundit, a political insider or one to make predictions on the next coming General Elections, but if I were to guess I would say that the dark cloud following the Barrow administration is the same one that was following the Musa administration as that ship was sinking in 2008.

So, what are we to look out for if the People United Party were to win? Will there be a continuation of this downward spiral? The scandalous development with this administration that was playing out in the State of Utah and in Belize over the last couple of days represents broken dreams and shattered expectations, not for the United Democratic Party, but more so for the people of Belize, since we were all convinced in 2008 that the days of mass unadulterated corruption were over. The same people who believed that once we got rid of the Musa-Fonseca administration life would be different and better, are left with only hope that the next administration will not do the same. Land reform, better education and healthcare, improved standard of living, equal opportunities, free this and free that – the list of promises was probably longer than Santa Claus’ Christmas list, and yet we have seen just about the same. Today the nation of Belize finds itself at its lowest and all it will take is good people to break down the walls. This will not be easy because the politicians and those in positions of influence have ensured that these walls are rooted, with strong foundations and wide and high enough that they are hard to breach.

It’s all about the people!!!!

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