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  • Emotional Contagion Emotional Contagion By: Dr. Abigail Joseph It is intriguing to observe cultural differences. Those of you who follow me on Facebook would know that I enjoy travelling to Mexico. Full...
  • Same Old New Year Same Old New Year By Dr.Abigail Joseph So the year 2019 has come to a close and let’s be honest – we ate the final days away!!! If you didn’t...
  • How To Reduce Christmas Stress How To Reduce Christmas Stress By: Dr. Abigail Joseph “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” – or at least that is what the song says. Christmas is often...
  • The Blues At Christmas The Blues At Christmas By: Dr. Abigail Joseph When we hear the word Christmas, for many we envision twinkling lights, Christmas trees, tinsels, ham, turkey, black cake, gifts, rumpopo, and...

Multiple Personalities, ONE GOAL

By: Dr. Abigail Joseph Medical triage is a process in which patients are prioritized based on their immediate need for emergency medical attention. To break this down a little, it

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The Negativity Of Bias

By: Dr. Abigail Joseph – We live in a technological world where news travels as fast as the speed of light. I’d quote you the actual figure, but in doing

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Hospital Abuse: The Casualties of Caring

By: Dr. Abigail Joseph We can never truly estimate what a person’s response will be towards intense grief, anxiety, fright or any of the other emotions one may feel when

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The Penalty Of Death

By: Dr. Abigail Joseph I place my phone on airplane mode whenever I put it to charge at night to

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The Purge

By: Dr. Abigail Joseph I grew up in a family house on Sibun Street in Belmopan. Times were different. Our

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DENGUE – Fight The Mosquito Bite

By: Dr. Abigail Joseph Have you ever been somewhere and noticed lots of red marks on a person’s leg and

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STIs – Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

By: Dr. Abigail Joseph A couple years ago, there were talks of a color coded condom that would change color

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Shake-Up In Top Management At Ministry Of Health

Tuesday, July 2nd. 2019 – The Reporter has been able to confirm persistent rumors that CEO in the Ministry of

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