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Engine failure forces emergency landing in San Pedro

Engine failure forces emergency landing in San Pedro
June 30
09:55 2018

Nine passengers travelling from San Pedro to Belize City, got the scare of their lives on Friday, June 29th, when the right engine of a Maya Airline plane, malfunctioned over open waters.

Experienced pilot, Edgar Joseph, maneauvered the plane back to the island, were he was forced to make an emergency landing. There were no casualties.
According to one of the shaken passengers, they heard a loud bang on the right side of the plane. Shortly after, the engine started to smoke and release oil.
After landing the BN2A Islander aircraft, the Civil Aviation was called in to investigate the matter.

Maya Island experienced engine trouble before in 2004. In that incident, the plane was forced to land near mile 11 on the Western Highway on a mangrove patch. All 7 passengers made it out with their lives.
Image caption: A grateful passesgen posts the incident on facebook.
Video shows a passenger taking video of liftoff minutes before the incident occurred.

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