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UNCAC inspection team to finally arrive this weekend

UNCAC inspection team to finally arrive this weekend
July 06
19:37 2018

A team of government experts from the nations of Haiti and Tuvalu, whose February visit to Belize was reportedly postponed due to logistical challenges with arranging their travel plans, is now set to arrive in Belize this weekend for the first country inspection visit since Belize acceded to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in December 2016.
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, who is a member of the UNCAC Standing Committee, told the media that the team should be in Belize for about 7 to 10 days. They are due to have meetings with representatives of the Government, including the Solicitor General, the Crown Counsel who holds the UNCAC desk and members of respective line ministries. The Opposition, which had asked to be included in meetings, will also meet with the team, and so will representatives of the social partners, including the unions.
Peyrefitte said that requests for meetings with the UNCAC team can be made via the Attorney General’s Ministry and the information would passed on to the delegation, which would decide whether the meeting can be accommodated.
According to a previous release from the Government of Belize, “The country visit forms a vital part of the country review process in regards to the implementation of the UNCAC. Peyrefitte told the press that the countries – Haiti and Tuvalu – were randomly selected to lead the country visit, refuting rumors that it was Belize that had selected the states to participate. He said that interpretation services will be provided to the Haitians, who speak French and Creole.


By Adele Ramos, Freelance Reporter

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