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August 01
11:49 2018

In an effort to obtain additional firearms, criminal elements in Belize City as well as other parts of the country are changing up their strategies and are now starting to target security companies and guards, a growing trend that is becoming a major issue for Police.

Over the past months, major operations carried out across the city have led to the successful discovery and confiscation of firearms hidden in abandoned lots and other locations convenient to criminals. Just this week, a major bust in an abandoned lot on Nurse Findley Crescent resulted in the discovery of four nine millimeter pistols and a .38 revolver, all hidden together and ready for use.

That recent discovery is classified as a major find, one of many, but according to Police sources because they are taking weapons off the streets so effectively, criminal elements are being forced to explore other avenues in an effort to build back their armories, and that could be a primary reason why security firms and guards are being targeted.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City, explained that “as you have learnt there have been several firearms confiscated by Police and several firearms found by Police. We believe that is the motive they are using to capitalize on the security companies.”

Last week Thursday, July 26th three thieves including two minors drove up to Harpie’s Security Firm and helped themselves to two firearms from one of the guards. On the following day two employees of SOS Security who were on duty at the Belize Waste Control Compound were robbed of their weapons.

The trend has prompted the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, to call on the various security companies to place their guards and establishments on high alert and to do everything in their power to mitigate further occurrences.


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