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August 01
18:42 2018

Attorney Arthur Saldivar on Wednesday countered comments made by PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay who stated that the PUP does not want Saldivar to run on its ticket in the Belmopan constituency. Saldivar told the Reporter in his response: “Eamon does not speak for the Party.” But when we contacted PUP Leader, John Briceño to weigh in on the matter, he indicated that Courtenay’s views about Saldivar’s candidacy mirror the party’s views.

On Tuesday, Courtenay told the media, in very plain language, that “His (Saldivar) coming to Court to force a political party to make a legal decision in his favor, in my view, I hope will never prevail. He is not a fit and proper person to represent the People’s United Party…What Mr. Saldivar does not want to accept is that we do not want him. That is what he should get in his head; that we do not want him as one of our candidates!”

Briceño told the Reporter the same thing on Wednesday, saying that: “Eamon’s view is the general sentiment of the party.” Briceño, who is out of the country, explained that Saldivar’s second application went to the vetting committee, which is expected to make recommendations to the party’s National Executive for a final determination on Saldivar’s fate. That announcement is expected any day now, but if Courtenay’s and Briceño’s comments are any indication, it appears that Saldivar’s second application will be declined.

Courtenay indicated on Tuesday that if Saldivar takes the matter further, he will sue.

Saldivar had filed an application for an injunction against the PUP Executive, including Courtenay, after the party had rejected his first application to run under the PUP banner in the Belmopan constituency. That application forced the PUP to postpone the Convention which was set for July 1, until the end of August to allow Saldivar and whoever else wanted to apply to submit their applications.

Saldivar maintains that the PUP did not adhere to the procedures set out in its Constitution when the vetting committee reviewed his first application.

As a part of his claim, Saldivar wants the PUP to reimburse him $102,000 – the amount he claims he spent to pay his campaigners over a 12-week period leading up to the date of the postponed convention.

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