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Child Badly Burned in Camalote Blaze

Child Badly Burned in Camalote Blaze
August 16
16:46 2018

A child from Camalote Village, four years old, will remain inside the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City for the next few months where she will only be visited by her parents and doctors following a tragic fire at her home on Wednesday night in which she sustained second degree burns.

Her mother, Anya Nah, told the Reporter today that while doctors are in the process of treating baby Asia Ramclam’s burn injuries to her face, neck, ears, back, arms, fingers, right leg, and foot their main concern is the amount of smoke that the child ingested during the blaze which can have a negative effect on her lungs and internal organs.

“She got badly burned to her entire body, but she is stable and breathing on her own,” Nah told the Reporter.

As is customary in many families in rural communities, at around 6:30 p.m. on August 15th baby Asia and her brother who is probably a year older than her was fed by their mother and waited a bit for their food to digest before calling it a day and headed off to their bedroom.

Asia was in one bed and her sibling in another. They went to sleep almost immediately, not knowing that they would be awakened from their sleep by a raging fire that was licking against their bedroom walls.

According to the mother, after both children fell asleep she took her newborn baby and headed to another house that is located in the same yard. She was there for approximately ten minutes before she heard someone yell out that her home was on fire.

“I jumped up from where I was seated and when I ran upstairs the house was already on fire. I met my son by the door and grabbed him by his ponytail and pushed him outside. I ran into the bedroom where I saw my daughter crouched beside her bed in the corner of the house shouting “Mommy Mommy, please help me!”

Anya said that by that time the blaze had already consumed the entire house and all she could do to save her daughter from the scorching fire was to muster enough courage to run inside the bedroom where she grabbed the child by the hand and pulled her outside.

A Police report on the fire states that following the incident Nah told investigators that her son had informed her that prior to the fire a lightbulb inside the house was flashing, and shortly after that the house caught fire.

Anya later corroborated that detail with the Reporter and told us that she believes that the fire started from an extension cord which she uses to share electricity with another house and on which she had a single bulb plugged in.

The mother of three including a newborn baby lost everything in the fire and says that she will appreciate any kind of assistance given to her. She can be contacted at 633-0477 or can be located at her family’s residence near the power plant in Camalote village.

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