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Belize’s Support for Taiwan – A Matter of Principle

Belize’s Support for Taiwan – A Matter of Principle
August 22
08:09 2018

“Belize’s support for Taiwan is a matter of principle and values” that remain unbreakable, CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pat Andrews told the Reporter today, in the face of China’s strategy to apply pressure on Taiwan’s allies to get them to switch allegiance.

Taiwan, a small Asian island nation, finds itself in a similar territorial dispute with China as Belize is in with Guatemala. China has launched its one-China authoritarian policy, claiming Taiwan as part of its territory, and has sought to lure Taiwan’s diplomatic allies over with promises of bigger financial and other donations to try to win their loyalty.

But while Belize can put to great use all the donations it can get, our government will remain friends with Taiwan because we share not only a long-standing friendship since 1989, but common principles. Prime Minister Dean Barrow assured President Tsai during her visit last week to Belize that Taiwan will continue to have Belize’s unwavering support.

Over the 29 years that Belize and Taiwan have enjoyed diplomatic relations, Taiwan has gifted Belize in areas of education, agriculture, cooperation, culture and monetary aid. This year, Taiwan granted scholarships to 29 Belizeans to study in Taiwan, including four medical students. This is the most scholarships Taiwan has given this country in any one year since we established diplomatic friendship.

President Tsai’s visit to Belize was part of a tour to a few of its allies in an effort to reaffirm its friendship with these countries. The visits are important because Taiwan has lost five of its fewer than 20 allies over the past two years, with El Salvador being the latest one within the past week. This has not fazed President Tsai, who has said that said that Taiwan will fight China’s “increasingly out of control” behavior.

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