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August 23
12:27 2018

Sixteen-year-old Jardehl Muschamp from Independence village in southern Belize has been granted a rare opportunity, a chance to attend Barcelona Academy in the United States, with a guarantee of either going to college on a full scholarship or going pro after completing a year with the academy.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but for Jardehl, it is a limited one. He was accepted by the Barcelona Academy after impressing scouts during a three-day tryout earlier in August. He applied for a scholarship but because he applied later than the other applicants, he was only granted a partial scholarship. To attend, Jardehl needs to raise approximately $84,000 to cover the rest of expenses before the end of September, when he is scheduled to return to Arizona for enrollment.

Jardehl’s father, Hilberto Muschamp, told the Reporter they were informed on Tuesday that he’d been granted a partial scholarship. Muschamp says he enrolled Jardehl in the summer football camp online. He says while there, Jardehl impressed the scouts so much that he was one of three selected of a total of 68 who tried out for the remaining spots.

The Barcelona Academy has a 100% success rate. All students who attend the academy either go to college on a full scholarship or sign a professional contract. If Jardehl is able to raise the funds to cover his expenses, he will spend a year training with the academy, learning from the best coaches and competing against the most elite youth football players in the world.

The academy has produced some of the top football stars in the world, including superstar Lionel Messi, but the institution instills more than just principles of football. The coveted academy has a full educational curriculum and teaches discipline in all manners of life.

Jardehl told the Reporter it is his dream to one day play for Barcelona in Spain and to represent for Belize. He said he is hopeful in asking Belizeans to support his dreams.

The family has since set up a GoFundMe page titled ‘Jardehl Shine for Belize’ and has created a Heritage Bank account (number: 111-1246) to accept donations from anyone willing to help support Jardehl’s goal of becoming a professional football player.

Football Federation of Belize (FFB) President, Sergio Chuc, told the Reporter that the FFB is willing to aid with some funding to help Jardehl. He said he would also be making a private donation to support the cause. Chuc also highlighted a number of initiatives being undertaken by the federation in relation to the development of youth athletes in the country.

He highlighted the Under-19 team currently away playing some exhibition games against several Central American countries.

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