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OW on High Alert after Gangland Execution

OW on High Alert after Gangland Execution
August 23
19:23 2018

On Wednesday Junior Triminio, 34, was laid to rest in Orange Walk Town, his bright blue coffin escorted to the cemetery by family and friends wearing shirts with his picture in honour of the alleged gang boss. From Tuesday, Police were on high alert in that northern district, elements of the GSU, the MIT, the SPU and even a special task force deployed to keep the peace before, during and after the funeral.

Triminio was killed on Sunday evening as he hung out with friends near the Louisiana Football Field where a U-15 Mundialito game was being played. There was full-fledged panic as sixteen shots rang out. The boss of the back-a-town crips was shot seven times to the head and body, while Christopher Enrique Calderon, who was with him, was shot six times to the head and body. Triminio died immediately while Calderon died an hour after at the Northern Regional Hospital.

According to witnesses, at around 5:30 p.m. the final game of the competition had just concluded at the Louisiana Football Field and the closing ceremony was about to start when it was disrupted by gunfire. Triminio and Calderon had just left from watching the game and were walking to a nearby store to purchase snacks when they were surprised by a vehicle which pulled up.

A lone individual, face hidden by a ski mask, emerged from the white Jeep Patriot and unleashed a barrage of lead at Triminio and Calderon. Accounts are that Triminio attempted to flee from the individual but he followed. Triminio managed to run inside a house nearby, but the killer stood outside and pumped shots through the door.

On Monday, Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security, Elodio Aragon Jr. condemned the brazen act of violence which occurred in his political constituency and put the lives of innocent bystanders in danger. “When you look at the scene it was obviously a hit. Somebody went out there to make that hit,” Aragon told the media.

Triminio was known to dabble in the criminal underworld, and on Monday head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch ACP Joseph Myvett stated that “At this point we do not know the motive, but we know for certain that Mr. Triminio had several cases of drug trafficking before the Courts and we know that he does associate with a group of persons who we consider to be gangs and we believe that he was the target.”

Myvett additionally noted that additional Police patrols have been deployed in Orange Walk to stem acts of retaliation for the shocking double murder.

As for Calderon, his family says that he was not involved with gangs and was just walking with Triminio at the time of the shooting. Calderon was supposed to commence his second year of high school on Tuesday of this week.

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