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August 28
11:23 2018

Lascelle Jeffords, 53, a security officer who was shot last week Friday evening while on duty at Courtenay Coye law firm, is in a stable condition and is said to be recovering well; but the gunman who shot him is still at large, Police say.

Jeffords’ wife Elaine told the Reporter today that the bullet that struck Jeffords on the right upper arm shattered the bone, and that an initial surgery was performed to hold the bones together. He will need a second surgery, however, to allow doctors to remove the bone fragments. She indicated that the surgeons explained that because the bone was so badly broken, their first priority was to try and put it back together to let it heal before they cut open the area to remove the fragments around it.

From surveillance footage of the attack, Jeffords was in the back of the compound as he neared the end of his shift. Suddenly a man who wore a cloth over his face attacked him and tried to take away his weapon. Jeffords struggled with the man and managed to run with the weapon, but just then a second man who also wore a covering over his face produced a gun of his own and shot him in the upper right arm and in the abdomen.

Altogether, there were reportedly four men who approached the area in a green Kia Sportage. Two of the men waited in the vehicle a short distance away and after the shooting, the pair who attacked Jeffords ran back to the vehicle, which sped off with them towards Baymen Avenue. As many as six shots were fired, according to people in the area.

Police told the media that they have impounded the vehicle, which they say was spotted in the same area not long before the attack occurred. But they have no suspects so far.

Elaine Jeffords told this newspaper that doctors who are attending to her husband at the Belize Medical Associates hospital have said that by Friday they will be able to make a prognosis on his prospects for a full recovery. Jeffords is able to sit and stand, she said, however; and had no major organ damage. Surgeons had to remove a small portion of his intestine that had been ruptured by the bullet that ripped through his abdomen.

She shared that Brigade Security, for whom her husband has been working for over five years, is paying all of his medical bills, while the law firm has approached her and offered to assist in whatever way it can. She says that she will sit with them after she finds out her husband’s prognosis.

Jeffords, a Christian family man, is in high spirits, his wife told us. While he does not want to relive the moment when he was shot, he is anxious to return to his job, she said. It is a job that he has been doing for the past 16 years.


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