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August 30
08:28 2018

Five days of torment and worry for a Punta Gorda mother whose teenaged son went missing last week Friday came to a heart-wrenching, but happy end on Wednesday afternoon after her son was found alive and drifting in the Caribbean Sea.

Roberto Jacobs, 16, who was officially declared missing on August 24th following his departure from his Punta Gorda home to an undisclosed location, was found by a search and rescue operation at around 12:17pm on August 29th, drifting on a wooden paddle south of his hometown.

According to reports, the teenager had gone to visit his parents’ 20-acre property that is located close to Blue Creek. He was apparently walking in the thick underbrush and couldn’t find his way back out. He then continued his walk until he found a creek which eventually led him to the sea. After days of not eating or consuming fresh water, Jacobs became weak and to avoid carrying his body weight he threw himself into the sea with the hope that someone would find him drifting along the shoreline.

When we spoke to Jacob’s mother, Alicia Jacobs on Wednesday following the news of the discovery she told us that her son was hospitalized at the Punta Gorda Hospital but apart from being badly dehydrated, weak and famished he did not have any broken bones, complications or serious flesh wounds apart from the ordinary cuts and bruises.

On the day prior to Jacob’s discovery his mother was on all major news outlets pleading for his safe return. She told us that at that time she had absolutely no idea of her son’s whereabouts since he had left home without informing her. She said that at that moment she thought that something bad had happened to him or that he might have run away, but never expected that he was lost and couldn’t find his way home.

“There is no more excitement than what am feeling, to find my son alive and to know that everything is ok. I give thanks to everyone that has been praying and that has been beside me,” she said.

The successful search and rescue operation was coordinated by the Police, BDF, and personnel from the Fisheries Department.


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