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August 30
10:12 2018

Earlier this week several posts on a Facebook page under the name of Vince Edwards went viral. Edwards made serious allegations against unnamed Ministers of Government and senior Police Officials, claiming that they were involved in the movement of narcotics through the country, particularly the landing of drug planes. Edwards also claimed to have much more evidence, including pictures showing high level persons in incriminating and criminal positions. Just hours after those posts went viral, they were removed from Facebook, and hours after, the entire page was taken down.

Included in those posts were pictures of a notebook which Edwards claimed was found by Police on a drug plane. He released pictures showing coordinates, purported to be those used by pilots in landing planes carrying drugs at certain designated spots in the country.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of National Security issued a release to address what it referred to as false information on social media. It stated that “The Belize Police Department is concerned about the slur of information posted on social media, purported to have been obtained by the Police regarding the illegal landing of an aircraft in Belize.”

The Ministry goes on to assert that “The Department has carefully examined the information and hereby refutes its accuracy.”

But incredibly, the Ministry then goes on to confirm that “in March of last year, the Department confirmed the illegal crash landing of an aircraft in northern Belize. The aircraft was burnt immediately after landing, presumably by those involved in landing it.Shortly after landing, a team of National Security personnel arrived on the crash site and a search of the burnt remains revealed a notebook containing coordinates.”

On Wednesday, Leader of the Opposition John Briceño weighed in on the reappearing notebook with coordinates, stating – “So we are in March, April, May, June, July, August- six months after and no action has been taken. It makes you wonder what has been happening. There have been consistent reports about planes landing not only in the north but also in the south. There is a general perception that there are people high up in the government giving them the necessary protection…”

The release from the Ministry of National Security went on to state that “The investigation into this and other landings are still ongoing and have not revealed the involvement of any police officers or government officials. While the Department may have an idea as to who were behind this landing, there is not sufficient evidence at this time to lay charges against those persons.”

The Reporter notes as an aside that whistleblower Vince Edwards, who seems to have now disappeared from Facebook, is the brother of Minister Boots Martinez, Edward Martinez, operating under a pseudonym.

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