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August 31
00:00 2018
By: Mike Rudon Jr. -

I watched the news last night – the thing with Sapna Budhrani and Patrick Faber and Shyne – allegations of financial irregularities at NICH. None of this is really new. The Auditor’s report didn’t appear like a burning bush to Moses. Those in the know at NICH knew what was happening. But these things happen all over the place, and Budhrani had and has the protection of the Minister who certainly knew what was happening. But it is what it is. I’m pretty sure there is far worse being done in many government departments. But really, it just is what it is.

I also watched the drug plane thing. I know that certain minions in the UDP went stir-crazy when the brother of Boots Martinez decided to play whistle-blower on Facebook, posting up certain pictures and claiming that he had evidence which implicated Ministers and senior Police officials in the landing of planes and movement of narcotics. It certainly got a quick response from the Ministry of National Security – well by response I mean a press release. It’s something at least, right? After months of deafening silence, the Ministry reveals that yeah, it found a notebook with coordinates for the landing of drug planes in Belize and yeah, they kinda know who is doing it but yeah, they’re still investigating so yeah…LOL. My lerd!

The Primary News Source In Belize

I know, as do pretty much all Belizeans, that the movement of narcotics through Belize is ‘assisted’ by members of the Belize Police Department. As my friend Finnegan would say – even blind eye Jamesey knows that. I know also, as do pretty much all Belizeans, that there is political collusion. This isn’t a new thing. It transcends political lines and terms. Hell, Belize is a tiny country. Everybody might not know everything about everybody, but somebody knows something about everybody and everybody knows something about somebody. Or something like that. You get my point. We see certain Ministers becoming millionaires pretty much overnight. We see how they roll. But yeah…it just is what it is.

But you know what? Nothing is going to come out of the NICH scandal and it hurts me. It hurts me, and it should hurt all of us, because when you hear terms like financial irregularities and misappropriation, it means that WE WERE ROBBED. The money that is missing, or the money that went somewhere it wasn’t supposed to – is our money. That money comes from our taxes. That isn’t Patrick Faber’s money or Dean Barrow’s money. Whenever there is corruption or wastage or misappropriation or gluttony in any government department or any Ministry – it is our money being tossed around like Monopoly money.

Nothing will come out of the drug plane/narco-trafficking thing either. The web of deceit goes too deep. There is too much money at stake. There are too many people involved – too many people with real power. So I’d want to tell my good friend Chester to save himself some effort and leave it alone.

When are we going to get it right?

I went to cut my hair this week because I was told that scruffiness is no longer in fashion. I met this good, good UDP supporter/soldier in there and we were talking. Even he was lamenting the crookedness in his Party, and then he said but if the PUP gets in, they will do the very same thing.

When did corruption and hustling become so normal – to the point that we pretty much expect our politicians, regardless of Party, to do it? When do we say enough is enough? I don’t want the PUP to come in and to do the same thing. I don’t want any government, this one or the next or the next or the next – whatever they may be – to come in and to benefit off the backs of the people. There has been way too much of that. And it has been happening for far too long – from Party to Party to Party.

I’m getting old, in years and in mileage. I’ve been on this incredible, uplifting, heartbreaking journey to undo the wrongs of a lifetime. It is tough. I slip and slide and struggle. But the thing about me is that I want to be better. I want to do the right things. I want to be a good example for my kids, and for others around me. I can continue as I am, and when people see me they’ll say oh there’s the drunk. Or I can change my life and have people respect me for who and what I am.

Why can’t our politicians want to do the right things too? But more than that…why don’t we demand that they do the right things? If we don’t do it now…then when?

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