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UHS, The No’s have it: empty seats of the opposition

UHS, The No’s have it: empty seats of the opposition
August 31
19:43 2018

REPORTER: Benjamin Flowers, –

Today the People’s United Party walked out of the House of Representatives in Unison, before registering their vote on the motion to pay the Universal Health Services debt.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduced the motion this morning to appropriate over $95 million to satisfy the debt, and the House in standard fashion debated the motion. The Government of Belize gave a thorough breakdown of the situation explaining why the fault rests with the People’s United Party, while the PUP took the approach that it had already settled the debt, therefore the $95 million is a construct of the UDP.

As the Prime Minister rose to give his final remarks, the PUP rose and exited the building. John Briceno, leader of the opposition, explained that the party left because it felt that the UDP was making a mockery of the House by bringing a motion that the party would not support.

Following their departure, the Prime Minister asked for a division so that each member of parliament could register their vote. As foretold by the UDP-owned Guardian newspaper, every member on the Government’s side voted no, leaving 14 empty seats on the opposition side, along with the heckling of the crowd in the gallery as each of their names were called.

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