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Three Teenagers, One 16, Charged for Shocking Murder

Three Teenagers, One 16, Charged for Shocking Murder
September 04
14:26 2018
REPORTER: News Staff, -

The search for missing American national Sherris Stringham, 68, which led investigators from her home in Hopkins Village across the country to Orange Walk where her missing SUV was found abandoned, came to a close on Friday night with the discovery of her decomposed body under a bridge at Mile 17 on the Hummingbird Highway.

On Monday cousins Anthony Nunez, 18, and Wilhelm Clayton Nunez, 18, along with a 16-year-old-minor, all from Hopkins, were jointly charged for Stringham’s murder. Police are currently unclear, though, on whether she was killed during the attack at her home or died from massive fractures she received from the fall when she was thrown over the edge of the bridge.

The investigation has shown that the boys went to Stringham’s home with the intent to steal her SUV. While two of them stood outside as lookouts, the minor allegedly entered Stringham’s home where she is said to have put up a fight with him which resulted in her being hit to the head. Her home was ransacked and left in disarray and she was placed in her SUV. Her body was then thrown from a narrow bridge in the Valley Community on the Hummingbird Highway. She was later discovered lying face up in some bushes under the bridge.

On Monday head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, ACP Joseph Myvett, stated that “we believe that she was killed on the day she went missing (August 25th), the house was burglarized and she was taken from the home. We don’t know where she was killed and are still investigating that angle.”

According to Stringham’s daughter, she retired to Belize a year ago – “last year after two decades of driving a school bus and checking groceries she scraped together all she had and bravely struck out and retired to Hopkins Belize.”

Ted McKoy, Chairman of Hopkins Village, said that Stringham lived a quiet life. “She was somebody that loved the community and cared about the children of the community and wanted to help with their literacy in terms of their ability to read. She was pretty much involved with working at the library and so forth. She was a very, very nice person,” he stated.

McKoy says that as the Chairman of the community and speaking on behalf of others, he would want to publicly condemn the crime in every possible way and to voice his displeasure over such horrific actions. “The people that committed the crime do not define the community,” he ended.

The Village Chairman also praised the Police Department which worked diligently to crack the case and bring the alleged perpetrators to justice.

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