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September 06
00:00 2018

REPORTER: News Staff, –

The Reporter has confirmed that Police have rounded up who they say are major players in both Southside gangs targeted in the State of Emergency which took effect on September 4th after being gazetted. Those upper echelon gang figures include Shane Harris and Eustace ‘Duck’ Lewis from George Street and brothers Tyrone and Shaquille Meighan from Banak Street. They, along with close to one hundred others, were detained in operations which started at 3:00am on Wednesday and continued through the morning.

Sources tell us that cops are looking for alleged Banak Street boss Ellis Meighan and George Street don Brandon Tillett, known as BT, but so far have had no success in tracking them down.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, at least seventy-five of the detainees confirmed to be gang-affiliated will spend the next month behind bars at the Belize Central Prison.

At a press conference hosted by the Ministry of National Security on Wednesday, Williams revealed that “”What we intend to do is that in the first instance we intend to incarcerate these individuals for one month. If at the expiration of that one month period they have shown no signs of improvement or that they want to behave themselves then we intend to take it further.”

The special powers granted by Statutory Instrument #49 give Police the authority to detain persons, and Williams explained that while in the normal course they have 24 hours to inform persons of why they have been detained, “in this case the declaration law says seven days in the first instance to inform them as to why they are detained.” At that point they will be able to seek legal representation to ask the Court to look at their detention, and Williams claims that the Police will then attempt to justify the incarceration.

The State of Emergency declaration to quell unrest has been used only once before, in April 1981 after protest erupted over the Heads of Agreement. This time, it is intended to forcibly subdue gangs which have refused, via mediation, to keep the peace. Asserting that they will not continue to dialogue with people who do not listen, Williams stated that “it is now necessary for us to move to another level where we can let those persons who are adamant about creating havoc in our society understand that the Police is here to do a job and that job will be done at any cost to ensure the safety and security of our law abiding citizens.”

The weekend saw five murders, at least two which have been connected directly to the murder of George Street affiliate Shakedi Baizar on Friday. According to Williams, “following that murder there were two other murders that night – we brought in the guys who were involved from George Street and Banak. We sat in with them. We had intervention with them and they were released Saturday in the evening and they promised that they would be holding the peace. Lo and behold as they were released from custody – two other persons were killed immediately thereafter. To me that shows outright disrespect to the police and the public.”

Currently there are many more questions than answers, as personnel from specialized units, wearing masks and armed with assault weapons conduct operations and stand at every street-corner in the areas designated by the State of Emergency. Up to press time we were not able to ascertain the number of minors detained, nor to find out if they will be treated differently in terms of incarceration.

This afternoon we spoke to a source at the Belize Central Prison who told us they heard about the plans via the news last night. According to that source, while they have only just heard that they may have as many as 75 new inmates as early as today, they do have space for them, and are prepared in terms of food and security.

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