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EDITORIAL – September 7th. 2018

EDITORIAL – September 7th. 2018
September 07
12:32 2018

The Tenth of September 2018 comes at a good time to remind Belizeans contemplating what they should do in the approaching referendum, that courage and valour are part of our heritage.

The Baymen who decided to stand and fight were stout-hearted Belizeans who were prepared to fight the invading force despite their superior numbers.

They were confident in the justice of their claim and they realized that running away from thisconfrontation would lead to more confrontation and more peril.

They understood that this was a decisive moment in their lives and that the tide, taken on the flood would lead to victory.

Belizeans face a similar dilemma today, with Guatemala taking a claimthat would involve half of our country before the highest court in the world – the International Court of Justice.

If the people of Belize should decline to go to court and pretend that the claim will go away by itself without a vigorous defence, they will learn to their dismay that bad things happen to good causes when the people are not alert and active.

No success was ever won by lethargy and inaction. Victory has always belonged to the brave, the stout-hearted, the men and women who are willing to fight for what they believe in.

Taking the Belize-Guatemala dispute to the ICJ will require courage because such an initiative will take Belize into new and unchartered waters. We have had no experience with the ICJ, even though all the judgements of the court are on the Internet for all to see.

But Belize has produced its quota of good lawyers and judges, who will argue the case for Belize with eloquence and conviction.

Here is an opportunity for Belize to cross the political divide and select the best men and women, regardless of political affiliation to represent us at the ICJ.

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