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September 14
12:12 2018
By Nefretery-Marin, -

The Government of Belize faces very serious challenges -lawsuits, global competition in loan/grants and in trade; locally they are challenged by crime, the drug trade, political infighting, corruption and many other pervasive societal stresses. Our people are not satisfied with the level of progress, quality of life, healthcare, economic opportunities, safety and the blatant lack of leadership. These many challenges, the inner fighting in political parties, the greed and hunger for power of our leaders pose unprecedented obstacles to governance.

The mere purpose of Government was to coordinate policies, enact laws to be able to preserve social order and bring peace, safety, economic opportunity and in short prosperity to our people. Instead, they have placed severe challenges and complex chaotic crises on themselves and the nation. They strayed from their basic, simple purpose…now they are preoccupied with one crisis management after the next. They struggle to maintain order in Cabinet. They have failed to maintain structure and purpose in the House of Representatives. They are seen fighting hard to preserve their elected office and hold together their constituencies. They are spending obscene amounts ofmoney to buy votes. They are so crippled by the assumption of power, greed, selfishness and ego that they have become the problem!

The Government of Belize has not only failed to fulfil the needs and interests of our people. They have not only failed to protect our children, or in bringing prosperity and maintaining order. They have become an obstacle to our safety and prosperity. They have become the enemy!

The violation of both our natural and Constitutional laws has placed a severe burden on our national security and our national economy. By so doing this government has jeopardized our national integrity, the future of our children and the general survival of our people.

Under Governments both past and present,we witnessed the formation and strengthening of a pyramid economic ideal where the wealth of our country was placed in the hands of a few elite families; the middle class has been burdened with heavy taxation, stagnant low wages with very little to no benefits, our poor have been left out in the cold with no way out of rough financial burdens. This has made the foundations of our Nation crumble!

Building of the state is killing the nation. The high cost of infrastructure, the kickbacks paid for those contracts, the misuse of natural resources, the foreign negotiations, the abuse of Government properties, the corruption all come at a very high cost to our people; it saps the life and growth potential out of our economy. They misuse precious resources that could better be used on education, research, health, and local investments that can raise quality of life and stimulate economic growth.

The solutions are really not difficult. It will only take real servant leaders, nurturers of people, political will and true democratic governance that will only happen when women have a seat at the table.

We must end the massive economic drain caused by the violations of Belizean rights! When foreigners are brought in to our country; not as investors but as competitors to our local merchants, it kills our local economy. When we allowed a Minister of Government to sell our nationality in the black market and compensate him with precious valuable natural resources in vulnerable ecological areas, this is killing the nation. When we allow our tourism industry to be crippled by taking away the rights of our tour guides, we have killed creativity and entrepreneurship. When we allow our leaders to give free passage to drug traffickers and to use our security forces as their protection, we have killed the integrity of our nation.

Our nation’s most precious resource is our human resource; yet our leaders have done little or NOTHING to invest in our people. The focus is merely on infrastructure, based on loans and more loans on the backs of the poor.

Intelligence, technology and creativity are the largest factors to drive economic growth; still, our educational system is outdated and we lack the political intelligence and will to modernize urgently. We must choose our leaders wisely!

If only to improve on the slim – very slim – opportunities we now have in world markets, we must demand the reform of our educational system for the benefit of all. Our schools lack leadership programs. They lack creative and experimental sciences. They lack International / Cultural exchange programs. Our human resources are completely untapped in our national economic strategy and our leaders have failed to recognize the very strong links between education, youth and our economic growth.

Another important factor in economic growth is our natural resources, yet we pay off the corrupt with mountain tops that house our head waters and watersheds to be sold to foreign bidders.

Our leaders sit at the head of ministries to manage resources they don’t understand, and they deprive our people from the opportunity to explore their potential because of the lack of appropriate capital for start-up companies. When $1,000.00 is given as start-up but you need $5K; what that does is put our people at risk of losing more. When housing projects cost our Government $10,000.00 per home and the poor must pay $25,000.00 because the contractor had to pay bribes to get the contract; when the poor are given very low quality houses at that price and 3 years down the road they need loans to repair …they will lose that home along with all the investment they can not afford, to start with.

This is our reality Belize; but remember that power only belongs to governments because it is given by the people. Power is always in the people’s hands.

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