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September 18
09:21 2018
REPORTER: News Staff, -

Two groups of friends who were partying Saturday night ended up in a brawl that resulted in three of them getting stabbed.

The incident happened at Pier One Lounge over the Caribbean Sea at the BTL Park on Newtown Barracks shortly after 1:00 Saturday morning.

Police say when they were summoned to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital shortly after the incident, they saw a number of persons who had been taken there for medical assistance, but that some of them refused to stay for treatment.

Doctors, however, attended to three persons who had been seriously hurt and had to be admitted. They are: Kenan Faber, 21, a stevedore of Faber’s Road who suffered a punctured left lung from a stab wound near his armpit; a 17 year-old minor of Hunter’s Lane who has a cut wound on the back of his head and an abrasion on the right arm; and Keran Miguel, 21, a construction worker of Emma Street who was stabbed on the right side of the neck.

Head of the CIB unit, Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo told reporters on Monday that someone used a “bora”, which is a home-made knife, and parts of chairs and tables they broke at the bar as weapons. As a result, some of the party-goers suffered varying degrees of injuries and the bar lost quite a few pieces of its furniture.

The fight initially was between two females, who were in the company of different men. By the time the ruckus had been brought under control, it had involved almost everyone inside the business, Cowo said. There was security presence at the bar, he said but it is usually the practice that security guards move away to avoid becoming targets in places where large numbers of people congregate.

Police are currently reviewing images of the incident to see how they can proceed with charges, but that depends also on whether the victims will give statements to investigators. So far, there is only one report given, Cowo informed.

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