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October 04
18:42 2018

REPORTER: News Staff, –

Just after 4:00pm today Rufino Hernandez, 29, a resident of San Mateo in San Pedro Town, was charged for the murder of Christopher Meighan. Meighan’s body was found in a room at the Hotel Central Park on Friday morning. His throat had allegedly been cut and there were multiple stab wounds to his body. Hernandez joins Lalman Logan who was arraigned Monday for the same murder.

On Friday, September 28th, Police discovered the body of Caye Caulker chef Christopher Meighan, in a room at the Hotel Central Park in San Pedro. Just hours after, they apprehended one suspect, Belizean-American Lalman Logan, 29, at the Phillip Goldson International Airport as he attempted to board a plane. By Tuesday evening, they had the second suspect in custody – Rufino Hernandez, 29.

Both men have been charged jointly for the murder of Meighan, and have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison.
Using check-in information from the Hotel, located on Barrier Reef Drive, and surveillance footage provided, Police say that on Thursday night all three men entered Room #14, which had been reserved by Lalman Logan.

Meighan’s body was discovered at around 11:18am by hotel staff who went to the room to check on the group after they failed to check out. He was reportedly found with a large cut wound to the throat, stab wounds to the left lower abdomen, and a stab wound to the left foot and was seated between two beds in a pool of his own blood.

An employee of the hotel said that there appeared to have been a fight between the men as bloodstains were observed on the wall. That employee is also quoted as telling the San Pedro Sun that the time stamp on the surveillance footage had the three men checking in at approximately 9:20 p.m. By 9:35pm both Logan and Hernandez were observed leaving the room; but they never returned.

Investigators moved swiftly following the discovery of the body, and alerted all major departure points of Logan’s status as a Belizean-American visiting from the US. That tip led to the successful apprehension of Logan later that day as he attempted to board a flight out of the country at the Phillip Goldson International Airport in Ladyville.
He was taken into custody and charged on September 30th with the crime of murder in relation to Meighan’s death. On Monday, Logan was arraigned in the San Pedro Magistrate Court where no plea was taken from him and he was remanded into custody until December 6th.

Hernandez was captured in Ladyville and was taken to San Pedro where he was charged on Tuesday evening and arraigned on Wednesday.

One of Meighan’s close friends told the Reporter on Monday that earlier that Thursday he saw Meighan but he did not mention that anything was wrong and so he knows that Meighan’s plans had suddenly changed because if he was going to leave the island he would have informed someone.

The friend told us that he only knew that Meighan did not return home that Thursday night after his father came looking for him at his home. The friend said that while they are best friends and he would know who Meighan’s friends are, he does not know the men who have been accused of his murder.

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