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October 05
09:58 2018
REPORTER: News Staff, -

A missing bobcat which was gifted by Central Government two years ago to the previous City Council but went missing before it even landed in the Council’s possession found its way to the Council’s Mile 4 Works compound yesterday, with tires that had been worn to the rim and in deplorable shape overall.

Sources close to the Council told the Reporter today that the piece of equipment mysteriously popped up during the lunch hour when the employees were out, and the only information the Council received about it came when a man “Malic,” who had delivered a previous piece of missing equipment, called the Council’s office in the afternoon to inform that the bobcat had been delivered to the compound.

The Council is currently investigating who exactly delivered the bobcat to the compound, and is questioning the security guard who was on duty to let the driver in to leave the machine. After that has been established, the Mayor will consult with an attorney to see if there is any criminal charge that can be pursued against anyone.


The Council, we understand, was made to understand that the bobcat was in the custody of a “Mike” in Unitedville, Cayo, but was parked in Blackman Eddy, roughly a couple miles away. It had reportedly been dumped there several months ago after it became non-operational.

The dilapidated piece of equipment is currently being checked by a mechanic to see if it can be repaired, retrofitted and put back into commission for Council work.

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