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October 14
15:11 2018

REPORTER: News Staff, –

As we go to press tonight, there is word from the family of senior pilot and San Pedro resident Milo Paz that there is confirmation that he is dead. We were not told what that confirmation is, only that they are still trying to put the final pieces of this tragic puzzle together. What they do know at this time is that there was a plane crash, and there is information that the pilot was Paz.

News broke early Tuesday that San Pedro businessman and veteran pilot, Milo Paz, 49, had been killed in a plane crash somewhere in Central America, allegedly Panama. While there was no official information from Panama or locally that Paz’s body has indeed been recovered, the Reporter was able to confirm that the family of Paz received a phone call early in the week informing them that he had been killed in a plane crash on Sunday night.

The information they got was that there were only charred remains left, presumably after the aircraft burst into flames upon crashing, but we understand that family was told that they could go to Panama to retrieve the ashes. There was also another person on board, the report said.

Paz, who flew commercial flights for Tropic Air for many years, had reportedly gone on a week’s leave to do a private job, allegedly for a company in either Panama or Guatemala.

John Greif III, Paz’ boss and President of Tropic Air, told us this afternoon that there was nothing official coming from anyone. We too have checked with the Panamanian Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but while the report is only that, no official confirmation has been reported.

Paz, a supporter of the PUP, was known as a helpful, warm person in the San Pedro community, always assisting others in times of disaster or individual need. He became a pilot in 1988 and after he was involved in an accident in the late 90’s, took a break from that career for a few years before returning to it.

The logic is fairly straightforward: if the economy is growing at a much faster rate than the debt levels, this implies that even at the current tax rates there will be more tax revenues being collected. However, this hinges on the fact that, at the same time, the government is exercising fiscal discipline.

In short, this is an issue that all members of the Belizean society should be keeping a close eye on, because large debt overhangs also have a way of eating into spending on other essential things, including needed social programs or public infrastructure.


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