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October 30
10:11 2018
REPORTER: News Staff, -

It has been an interesting campaign for the United Democratic Party (UDP) in the Port Loyola area over the past few months, with four candidates jostling for the position of Standard Bearer; but for at least one of those candidates, leadership of the UDP may hinge on a victory at Convention.

Attorney General Senator Michael Peyrefitte quite likely has his eye on more than just the Standard Bearer position in Port. For many months, there has been talk that Peyrefitte is the favoured among the hierarchy of the Party to replace Prime Minister Dean Barrow, when he demits office. Just as recently as last week, Port Loyola’s Area Representative and Minister of Human Development Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez threw his support behind Peyrefitte publicly, not only as his favourite in Port, but also as the next UDP Leader, and Prime Minister, if the UDP should be lucky at the polls in the next General Elections.

Peyrefitte did not admit just yet that he wants to be the next UDP leader, but he said he was confident in his candidacy for Standard Bearer because the incumbent, Minister Martinez is rallying behind him, even if Martinez himself has clung to the seat by a consistently diminishing margin at election time.

“Francis Fonseca was so lucky to edge me out by 16! Come on, if you win by one or you win by a million, it doesn’t matter. Winning is winning. So he has won; he is the area representative and nobody knows that division better than Boots Martinez. So I believe that my edge is that he will be in my corner,” Peyrefitte remarked.

The AG also shared that he feels he has put in the necessary work to pull off a victory at Sunday’s Convention and that the verbal feedback from the constituents has been positive. But confidence aside, he said that “elections are won on election day” and if he is not successful, he will work with whomever the voters’ choice is to deliver the seat for the UDP in the General Elections.

Today Prime Minister Barrow did not want to say publicly who he would like to see replace him as Party Leader, but he did say that Minister Martinez was in his right when he responded publicly to former City Councillor and contender in the upcoming convention, Philip Willoughby. Martinez was clarifying comments which Willoughby made the day before when he said that immediately following his victory at the convention (assuming he was going to win) he would take over the constituency office. Martinez, who did not mince words, basically chided Willoughby and said that he will remain the “king” in Port until Nomination Day, not convention day. Barrow agreed.

“Maybe it was said in a manner that might have been far too colourful for my own refined tastes, but the current Area Representative’s position – that for as long as he remains the Area Representative – the goods and services that government provides for constituencies, continue to go through him is absolutely correct,” PM Barrow said.

Willoughby has been Peyrefitte’s most vocal rival since the campaign in Port began. The other two contenders, Dean Samuels, also a former City Councillor and Ac. Castillo, a businessman, have kept their campaign low-key.

(Attorney General, Senator Michael Peyrefitte)

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