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November 08
10:47 2018
THE REPORTER: News Staff, -

Independence Police are seeking one person for questioning in relation to the discovery of the body of a newborn, found discarded inside a shallow grave in Trio Village in the Toledo district.

An investigation by Police has established that on November 4th, Guatemalan domestic Dominica Mucu, 39, gave birth to a female child at her home in Trio.

Police say that Mucu told them that the child was born premature and on the following day the infant suddenly stopped breathing and died and was subsequently buried.

Police say that they only became aware of the incident on November 5th after receiving certain information. They said that around 11:00am, that same day they visited Mucu’s home and following an interview with her proceeded to the back of the yard where they came across a shallow grave.

From the grave they exhumed the body of a female child which was wrapped in a plastic bag. An onsite post-mortem examination conducted on the remains certified that the infant was 28 weeks old. The cause of death, however, was undetermined.

The Reporter was made to understand that Mucu’s common-law husband was allegedly responsible for the baby’s burial, however Police would not confirm that.

In Belize, the law stipulates that every birth and death must be documented. On Thursday, we asked ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, NCIB, what type of charges will be brought against those responsible for the illegal burial, and he explained that “pending the investigation a possible charge depending on the evidence could be concealment of birth.”

According to Myvett, authorities are also looking at another angle. “From our investigation, it was also shown that at no point did the mother of the baby attend any clinic or have any contact with any medical authority during her pregnancy,” he explained

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