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November 08
08:41 2018
THE REPORTER: News Staff, -

The family of Roaring Creek resident Oswald Arnold, 20, who went missing during a fishing trip in May of this year, has received the closure they craved after his skeletal remains were found on a farm on the opposite side of the river in Teakettle Village.

On Thursday when the Reporter spoke to Police they would not confirm that the remains were Arnold’s and would only say that they will be awaiting the results of DNA testing to officially confirm that it is the missing man.

In an interview with the deceased’s mother, Rosita Orellana, she explained that she can positively say that it was her son’s body since she traveled to Belmopan and identified a blue shirt, boxer shorts and a three-quarter pants that her son was wearing when he went missing.

“Now I feel relieved. I always wanted to find my son’s body and now that I have, I feel that I have gotten all the closure that I need. I just thank God that he has led me to my son once more, even if it is only his remains. At least now I can give him the burial he deserves,” Orellana told the Reporter.

Police say that the discovery was made by a caretaker who wandered a little too far into the bushes and found the skeleton laid out on the ground. The individual called the Police and around 10:30am, on November 8th, authorities visited the location situated North-west of the village.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, NCIB, told media that “the scene was inspected where an almost complete human skeleton was found with the exception of the head. Several pieces of clothing were found on the scene as well as an expended cartridge. The remains were removed and they are pending examination.”

Myvett additionally told reporters that based on observations, it appeared that the body was at the location for months.

Over those months, Arnold’s mother says that while searches had to be called off, she had accepted the fact that her son was dead and that she was only searching for a body since he would never stay away from home for such a long period.

Six months ago, Arnold left his home with four friends to go fishing on the Belize River from Iguana Creek to Roaring Creek Village. The following day when the group returned, Arnold was not with them and while family members and Police executed searches in the river and on the river banks, those searches were fruitless.

The four friends were detained and questioned and according to one of Arnold’s aunts, one of the individuals had said he witnessed Arnold’s murder. His confession, though, included conflicting reports and at one point he allegedly told Police that Arnold was chopped to death and his body dumped in the river. In another confession, the individual allegedly changed his script and told Police that Arnold’s body was dumped at an undisclosed location along the riverbank.

None of those persons was ever charged and ACP Myvett explained that before anyone can be detained this time, they need to first ascertain that the remains are those of Oswald Arnold.

Arnold’s family believed that he was murdered because he had witnessed a murder.


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