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EDITORIAL – November 9th. 2018

EDITORIAL – November 9th. 2018
November 09
12:00 2018

Belizeans were thrilled this week to learn that the Police had captured eleven Guatemalan smugglers and one Belizean businessman along with 15 bales of cocaine weighing in at 1,056 pounds, and a number of pistols including one heavy caliber hand gun.

This was big news! Everybody knows that the cocaine is coming in by plane and by boat from South America. But until now we did not know who are the agent or agents in Belize and how the drugs are being sent out.

The bust last week opened a window on the activities of the drug cartel in Belize and held out the promise that at last the Police are about to get a handle on the people manipulating the drugs and the arms to agents in Belize.

These guns have allowed city gangs to terrorize Belizean homes and businesses with looting and shooting on a scale not seen before.

But Belizean expectations of some relief from the oppressive crime wave came crashing down when they learned that no one has been charged for drug trafficking, and that two kilos of cocaine were stolen from a Police storage room at the Queen Street Station where the cocaine was kept.

The Police say they have not been able to charge the smugglers with drug trafficking, because they first have to receive official certification that the drugs seized were in fact cocaine. This process of certification takes time, the Police explained.

Of all the asinine situations we have ever encountered in Belize, this is the absolute worst!

Any police recruit can be taught to taste the powder and know cocaine when they taste it. If it is bitter in taste and numbs your tongue, it’s cocaine! A simple low-cost NIK chemistry kit is also available to law enforcement officers. It will reveal in a few seconds whether the suspect powder is cocaine.

Cocaine, like marijuana, has an unmistakable smell of kerosene or benzene. This is a hallmark smell. If it does not smell of kerosene or benzene, it’s not cocaine!

The red-tape idiosyncrasies of our legal system are causing Belize law enforcement to get a black eye! It is also causing mounting frustration and resentment among our people who are fed up with the drugs and the violence.

We want to use this editorial space to advise our political leaders that voters will exact a heavy price at the polls if leaders do not become more efficient in conducting the war against drugs and against street violence.

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