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November 16
08:43 2018
THE REPORTER: News Staff, - 

For the second time in less than six months, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is investigating an assault on another of its referees while officiating a football game. This case involved an attack against Ever Corado, while he was officiating a game in San Pedro Town on Sunday, November 4th.

Corado told the Reporter that the alleged attacker, Ashton Lopez was playing a game with the San Mateo Football Club against the Vince Assassins that afternoon and that Lopez walked up to him and punched him over the left eye.

The assault happened just moments after Corado had made a decision to eject Lopez’s teammate, the goalkeeper for unsportsmanlike behaviour after a call was made. That ejection required the assistance of the Police who were present to escort the goalkeeper off the field, but just as that was happening, Lopez walked over to Corado and inquired why he had expelled the goalkeeper. Corado told him why and informed Lopez that the game would resume as soon as the goalkeeper was escorted off the field. It was at this point, Corado claims, that Lopez struck him in the face, then ran off.

Corado has written a letter to the San Pedro Association of Referees and the Sports Committee in San Pedro. He has also filed a formal Police report and Lopez was picked up and charged with ‘Wounding,” after a doctor certified that was the classification of the injury.

The FFB President, Marlon Kuylen informed this media house this week that the FFB can only ban players from playing the sport. In this case, the FFB will review the matter before it comes up with disciplinary action against Lopez. Kuylen indicated that in order for aggrieved referees to seek justice for damages and whatever medical expenses they incur as a result of assaults by players during games, they need to file a lawsuit against the player or players who assault them. Corado told us that he will sue Lopez.

Meanwhile, Yuri Daniels, the female football referee who was viciously knocked out also by a football player at the Libertad football field in August, is also suing her attacker for damages, facial injuries and dental expenses that are still costing her well in the thousands of dollars.

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