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Murder/Suicide in PG – Cop Kills Wife in Front of Kids

Murder/Suicide in PG – Cop Kills Wife in Front of Kids
November 22
17:36 2018
THE REPORTER: News Staff, - 

Residents of Faustino Zuniga Street in Punta Gorda are reeling from the shock that visited their neighborhood last night when a domestic dispute between a Policeman and his wife became so bitter that it ended in a murder and suicide in the presence of the couple’s four children.

The incident happened sometime after 10:30pm, when the Police Constable and member of the PG Police Quick Response Team, Steven Ferguson, took his police-issued 9 millimeter pistol and shot Josephine Hamilton, 30, several times in the head and near her left eye.

Neighbors told the Reporter that last night Ferguson did not go out but he was seen drinking before he became abusive to Hamilton. They said that they heard her screaming and then the gunshots. Hamilton, they say, was very controlling of Hamilton and was a chronic abuser.

When Police arrived at their house, they found Hamilton in a sitting position, dead. Ferguson was on the floor with a gunshot wound to his right temple which exited his left temple, and the pistol was about a foot away from his head. Four spent shells were found in the room while five live rounds still occupied the gun’s chamber. The couple’s two small children were present as well as Ferguson’s two teen children from a previous relationship.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Joseph Myvett told the media today that there were no complaints of domestic abuse made against Ferguson at the PG Police Station since he was transferred there in June. Neighbors, however, told the Reporter that Ferguson constantly beat Hamilton and that since Saturday he beat her twice. On Tuesday night, one neighbor claimed, he stripped her naked and beat her and when they tried to intervene, he chased them from his yard.

The neighbors told us that they called the Police Station every time Ferguson became abusive with Hamilton, but the Police never arrested him. ACP Myvett said that people who report cases of domestic abuse need to go one step further and inform the officer in charge if the report falls on deaf ears at the elementary stage. In this case, he said, Ferguson’s superior, not his peers, should have been notified of his behavior.

Myvett added that the Police Department does intervene in spousal abuse situations and takes disciplinary action against officers who abuse their women.


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