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November 25
21:46 2018
THE REPORTER: News Staff, - 

Prime Minister Dean Barrow, following a meeting with the Public Service Union (PSU), this morning addressed several topics with the media, including a leaked memorandum showing the government had allotted $650,000 for so-called “Christmas Cheer,” a controversial practice which has been both praised and criticized in various circles of the citizenry and political spectrum.

Barrow said he would be making an official announcement during Friday’s scheduled sitting of the House of Representatives but confirmed today that government had indeed secured the funds to spread Christmas cheer this year. According to Barrow, elected United Democratic Party (UDP) ministers will be receiving $25,000 each while elected opposition members will be receiving half that amount, $12,500.

When pressed by the media on the ethics of giving only half the amount to members of the Opposition to spread cheer to residents in those constituencies, Barrow responded: “Man but we are the government. There must be a prize for being winners of the political contest, and there must be some recognition of the fact that as Ministers, you have to work, not politically, but in terms of the duties of office and government, you have to work harder than members of the Opposition do.”

“I think that is equity and I have no apologies to make,” Barrow added.

In the past, concern has been raised by members of the Opposition about money being disbursed to un-elected caretakers for Christmas cheer as well. There has been no confirmation, however, that caretakers will be allotted money for Christmas cheer this year. Barrow’s official announcement on Christmas cheer will come during Friday’s sitting of the House.

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