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November 30
17:16 2018


THE REPORTER: News Staff, - 

A fire which is believed to have originated in the bottom flat of a concrete and wooden structure at the corner of Plues Street and Rocky Road on Tuesday morning has displaced two families and left nine persons in need of basic necessities.

Just a couple minutes short of 8:30am black smoke was seen coming out of the two storey structure and by the time fire personnel raced to the scene the fire was already blazing and licking away at the lumber. While they labored for close to 45 minutes nothing could be done to save the structure and the interior and all of its contents were reduced to rubble.

Ingrid Williams, who lived inside the upper portion of the apartment, told the Reporter that she and her son were the only ones inside when the fire started. She said that she was just entering the shower when her son called out to her to “get out quick” because smoke was already consuming their apartment. Williams said that she had enough time to quickly get dressed and run downstairs with her son where they watched helplessly as $30,000 worth of their belongings was lost.

In the aftermath of the fire, Acting Fire Chief Benisford Matura told the media that eyewitness accounts stated that the fire originated from the ground floor of the apartment. Fire personnel zeroed in on that area and discovered that the blaze was ignited due to a faulty electrical system. Matura explained – “They had a surge protector connected to an extension cord and the surge protector has like six holes. Every outlet on that hole was occupied and they had all their major appliances connected to that. So basically they overheated the surge protector which caused this fire.”

Among the four persons who lived downstairs was Shamira Neal, her parents and one of her siblings. Neal told the media that she was at work when she received word of the fire raging havoc inside her home. She thought it was a prank call and dismissed it. When she received a second call she realized that it was not a joke.

Neal says that what is unbearable for her and her family is that they had just bought new furniture for their home and had all their belongings already packed because they were supposed to move out of the Rocky Road apartment and into a new one just in time for Christmas.

Both families lost everything in the inferno and they are seeking the public’s assistance in any form. Ingrid Williams who has two school aged children can be contacted at 627-6267 and Shamira Neal can be reached at 626-6777/624-0197.


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