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EDITORIAL – December 7th. 2018

EDITORIAL – December 7th. 2018
December 07
14:17 2018

Sometimes the men and women opposed to the idea of Belize taking our case to the ICJ express the view that it is humiliating for Belize, an independent state, to subject her sovereignty to the authority of the International Court of Justice on a high-stakes claim such as Guatemala is making against Belize.

If Belize were being accused of a criminal offence there would be grounds for shame or embarrassment, but this claim is not about that! It is a claim for compensation, a claim for something which Belize did not promise and over which she had no control.

The International Court of Justice is the principal judicial arm of the United Nations. It settles disputes between member states who go to it for help. Many nations have sought the help of the ICJ. They include many of the states of Europe and Asia, Africa and the Americas. Since June 26, 1945, the year the ICJ came into being by resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, the International Court of Justice has presided over dozens of disputes involving land and sea boundaries, including:

UK vs Norway, 1949
UK vs Argentina, 1955
Switzerland vs the U.S. (1956)
Belgium vs the Netherlands (1957)
Ethiopia vs South Africa (1960)
Germany vs Holland (1967)
Greece vs Turkey (1970)
Canada vs the USA (1981)
Greenland vs Denmark (1968)
Nicaragua vs Honduras (1999)
Romania vs Ukraine (2004)
Congo vs France (2003)
Nicaragua vs Costa Rica (2010)

There are many others, but this shortened list provides evidence that the ICJ is universally recognized and respected by the nations of the world as a court of international jurisdiction for nations which need help in settling their disputes.

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