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December 21
16:25 2018
THE REPORTER: News Staff, Dec. 21st.

About five persons from Punta Gorda including a Police Officer working out of that municipality are detained pending investigation into a suspected drug plane landing on Thursday night.

The Reporter was made to understand that the Police Officer has been identified as Peter Graham who in the company of another male person was found in an SUV near the vicinity of the landing site on Plett’s Farm outside of Barranco Village. Reports say that inside the SUV investigators found a drum of aviation fuel and seats that resembled those from inside an airplane.

A Police report states that the single engine Cessina airplane was discovered parked on a private airstrip three miles outside of Barranco Village just after 9:00 a.m on December 21st – “Police personnel were able to intercept the plane but not until its contents had already been unloaded and taken away.”

The Reporter was informed that the plane landed at Plett’s airstrip between the hours of 9:00-10-00 p.m on December 20th but authorities were not informed until well after the landing. When authorities responded the following morning the plane was empty but several drums of aviation fuel were found in the immediate area.

“The Belize Police Department along with other partner agencies are conducting a vigorous investigation into this matter,” stated an official Police Report. The Reporter has learned that apart from the two persons who were found on the scene three others from PG were detained for questioning while authorities work on trying to locate the plane’s cargo.

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