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EDITORIAL – January 4th. 2018

EDITORIAL – January 4th. 2018
January 04
13:50 2019

By: Mr. Harry Lawrence –

All of Belize has been galvanized by the reports of the disappearance of Anisha Young, 23, who disappeared after attending a Christmas party on the night of December 8.

By now the family is convinced that Anisha, a petite young woman from Southside Belize City in the bloom of life, is dead – murdered – most likely by a jealous boyfriend, and has been buried in a secret place.

Police have uncovered a shallow grave on the outskirts of Maskall which has traces of human skin and human hair and a braided weave which family and friends have identified as belonging to Anisha.

But Police have not been able to find a body, and without a body, they say they cannot proceed with a charge of murder. So they have released their prime suspect and are hoping for an opportunity to re-arrest him.

If the killer manages to flee the country or otherwise escape the grasp of the Police, the details of what happened to Anisha Young on the night of December 8th, after socializing with her boyfriend at a night club, may never be known.
The explanation of the boyfriend, is that he left the club along with Anisha, but was so intoxicated that he lost track of time and events. The story seems contrived and is not convincing.

There is a general theory among Anisha’s friends that the boyfriend acted with co-conspirators to conceal the body.
We know that the Police are working overtime to find the place where this young woman is buried. But even if they find it, they may not be able to learn much more than they already know.

Instead maybe the Police should concentrate on finding the place where Anisha was killed. If the murder was pre-meditated, it will be harder to find the scene of the crime. But if the crime was one of passion, there will be fewer places to search, and a successful result is much more likely.

The Reporter expresses its deep condolences to the bereaved family. We will continue to dig and investigate. If there are people out there who believe they may have helpful information, please call this private number 610-4454.

The search for Anisha’s killer must become a community southside effort.

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