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January 04
13:13 2019
REPORTER: News Staff - Jan. 4th.

The parents of 11 week-old Deon Cecil Woodye Jr., say they are planning to sue the hospital administration for what they feel is gross negligence that resulted in the death of the infant.

The baby started to experience vomiting and loose bowels shortly after midnight on New Year’s Eve at the family’s Alta Mira home, which is about two miles away from Corozal Town. His parents, Deon Woodye and Leah Miller kept monitoring the baby throughout the rest of the morning. He threw up two more times, his father told the Reporter this evening and at 6:00am, when they were able to get a ride to the community hospital, they took the child.

Things were less accommodating than they imagined when they reached the Emergency Room, Woodye told us because the nurse who received them told them that because they were changing shifts at the time, there was no doctor available who could immediately attend to the baby and she directed the parents to take the infant across to the out-patient clinic on the same compound for attention. They had to wait their turn (at #12) and by the time they got in to see the doctor there, the child had already thrown up his feed two more times. The doctor examined the baby and realized that something was seriously wrong with the baby. He prescribed intravenous medication, but after several attempts of the nurses trying to find a vein in the child’s hand, the doctor directed the parents to take the child back to the ER because the baby needed urgent medical care by this time.

Woodye said the turn-around and waiting time had put them somewhere after 9:00, about three hours after they arrived at the hospital but without their baby receiving any meaningful help. Another wait there while the ER crew dealt with a full ward and trying to find space would send the child into critical mode. When finally the doctor at the ER examined the baby and agreed that the baby was critical, the child become short of breath and was already slumping. The medical team on duty took the child into the trauma room and tried to resuscitate him, but it was already too late. A post-mortem examination revealed he died of hydro-mineral imbalance and acute-diarrheal disease.

An understandably distraught father told us that he wants to share his experience with his baby’s final hours at the Corozal Community Hospital so that serious action is taken to prevent another incident from repeating itself. He is convinced that if only his child was attended to upon his arrival at the hospital shortly after 6:00 that morning, he would have had a good chance of being alive today.

“I blame the Emergency section because wa emergency da wa emergency. …Ih nuh mek sense you goh da Emergency and deh send yoh cross ah wa next clinic and you di dead. Many times people dead sake ah deh negligence,” Woodye stated angrily, indicating that he will seek justice for his son through legal recourse.

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