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January 05
12:50 2019

REPORTER: Benjamin Flowers – Jan 5th. –

The Blood Bank in Belmopan is in need of blood donors so that it can
continue its work of saving lives.

Western Health Regional Manager for the Ministry of Health, Javier
Zuniga, explained today that the blood bank has about a week’s worth
of supply left; however, that supply could easily diminish if there is
a spike in emergency cases.

Zuniga said that it was a spike that caused the supply of blood
to run low, with several patients needing blood in complexed emergency
cases in rapid succession. Zuniga said that there were a number of
persons that tried to help out, taking a trip down to the Blood Bank
yesterday to donate blood, but that around half of them could not give
because of varying issues during the screening process.

“We managed to get some from San Ignacio, we also got some blood from
PG Hospital, so we collected and used those,” Zuniga explained.
“People were supposed to replace blood that they got but some didn’t,
and when we have emergency cases we have to use blood, we can’t just
leave people there, so that’s what happened to the supply.”

In last year, the Blood Bank ad a similar shortage, prompting the Karl
Heusner Memorial Hospital to postpone elective (non-emergency)
surgeries and save the stock for emergency use. Those wishing to
donate to the Belmopan Blood Bank can call the Western Regional
Hospital for more information. Notably, those wishing to donate blood
need to wait at least 28 hours if they have consumed alcohol or smoked
marijuana, and a year after their most recent tattoo.

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