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January 11
11:35 2019

Edward Vincent Martinez, the brother of a sitting minister of Government and the man who calls himself the “Drug Hunter,” has rattled the cages of the Government, Police Department and BDF with explosive allegations. Martinez, in a briefing held Tuesday, claimed that he is in possession of evidence which ties a very senior UDP politician, senior Police officers and a senior BDF officer to the landing of drug planes and narco-trafficking in Belize.

That evidence, which Martinez says includes video footage, will be released in two weeks at a subsequent press conference. He invited members of the Ministry of National Security and the Belize Police Department to attend that conference, along with the media.

In his 76 minute interview, Martinez provided details of dates and sites of drug plane landings, and even spoke about Police escorts, and Police used to discharge drug cargo. “On April 24th, a jet landed in San Estevan – the release they told the media is that nothing was found in that plane. Now this is the first story that is not true. I have in my possession which I will reveal in the next press conference a video from an establishment showing Police escort to the plane and Police escort at the point passing the establishment back, along with known drug people,” stated Martinez.

Martinez even went on to remind the media that he was responsible for releasing a picture of a notebook with flight coordinates of previous and present drug plane landings which were found in one of the plane wreckages up north. He claims that the coordinates were enough evidence for authorities to have acted upon but instead, they withheld the information from the public and only issued a release on the topic after he made his findings public.

Martinez took responsibility for tipping authorities off for the August 15th drug plane landing in Tres Leguas in Blue Creek which led to charges being brought against two Police officers. He claims that that bust led to the September 9th drug bust in the same vicinity. He went on to claim that the recent landings of drug planes in Progresso and Democracia were also facilitated by Police Officers.

At a press conference this week, the media questioned the new Commissioner of Police Chester Williams on the allegations made by Martinez. Williams made it clear that if Martinez has evidence, he can come forward and it will be dealt with.

Elodio Aragon Jr., Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security, at that same press conference stated, “it is hard for me to speak on that because the credibility of that person – I have no idea. I for one don’t know him and two I haven’t seen it fully so I don’t know what names he is speaking of.”

While Martinez made explosive claims and allegations, we must note that he has provided no evidence so far. As we mentioned, he has promised to provide all that in two weeks, when he calls another briefing.

During the briefing, Edward Vincent Martinez explained his motive for coming forward – “many will ask how he knows all this. Well he has to be involved, or must not have gotten his share. This has nothing to do with share or bad feelings or a cross deal. This has to do with what is right. We all have skeletons in our closet but it just needs to stop. Somebody needs to speak out.”

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