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EDITORIAL – January 18th. 2019

EDITORIAL – January 18th. 2019
January 18
13:47 2019

By: Harry Lawrence

It has nothing to do with whether going to the ICJ is a good idea or a bad idea.

This is simply a matter of hitting back at the UDP, and saying “No” because the UDP at this time needs bi-partisan support to make the Guatemalan claim go away.

The political pundits put it this way: If the People’s United Party were to throw its support in favour of the ICJ, the end result would be to give the UDP a political boost. On the other hand, if the PUP should show strong opposition to the ICJ and promote a “No” vote, that would be a sharp rebuke to the UDP and a show of strength sufficient to propel it to victory at the next general elections.

The acrimony between the two parties is so strong that some PUP leaders would rather be caught naked (intellectually naked) rather than be seen as supporting any UDP proposal at this time.

The resentment against Guatemala is strong because of what Guatemala has been doing in the Sarstoon, denying access to Belizeans.

But that is nothing compared to the resentment against the UDP for dominating the political landscape for the last ten years and for locking out the PUP by not giving it a real voice in how the country is managed.

But the PUP is selling itself short!

The ICJ is not about kicking the UDP or Guatemala. It is about putting an end to Guatemala’s spurious land claim against Belize!

With enlightened leadership, the PUP can help win a resounding victory at the ICJ, giving Guatemala a real kick, and win also at general elections at home!

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