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Nurse To Face Nurses’ Council Following Infant’s Death

Nurse To Face Nurses’ Council Following Infant’s Death
January 25
09:00 2019
REPORTER: Marion Ali, Jan. 25th. -  

The case of a nurse who is employed by the Ministry of Health and works at the Corozal Town Hospital will go before the Nurses’ Council next Wednesday following allegations of negligence that resulted in the death of an infant on New Year’s Eve.

On Thursday, CEO in the Ministry of Health told 7News that he had inquired why no action had been taken as yet against the nurse and that he was waiting for a response to his question.

Today, Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero told the Reporter that the nurse had applied for vacation and our understanding is that she had been away on personal leave since the incident.

Dr Figueroa also made an interesting observation that many Belizeans have complained about over the years – that the people who work at the public hospitals and clinics generally “do not care.”

We asked Dr Manzanero for his reaction to this statement and his response is that “for the last couple of years my desk has been a heavy pusher of ethics and the change in attitude.”

Two weeks ago Manzanero told us that “initial changes and discussions have happened and meetings [have taken place] with particular staff and some other issues that are being changed.” At that time, he assured that regardless of a lawsuit that the parents of baby Deon Woodye Jr., was bringing against the hospital, the Ministry would go ahead with the “changes” at the hospital and specifically with the person who interacted with the baby’s parents on the day they sought assistance and did not allow them the assistance their baby needed.

The 11-week-old baby died some three hours after reaching the hospital and did not receive any treatment. His mother, Leah Miller, had taken the child to the hospital shortly after 6:00 on New Year’s Eve after he had come down with acute diarrhea and vomiting.

Deon Woodye Sr., told the Reporter that Miller explained to the nurse on duty at the Emergency section the severity of the child’s illness, but she was turned around, sent to another section, made to wait and then sent back to the ER when it was discovered that the child’s veins had already collapsed. The ER could not resuscitate him at that point.

The post mortem examination certified that the baby died of hydromineral imbalance and acute diarrhea.

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