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Guatemalan Nabbed With Crack/Cocaine

Guatemalan Nabbed With Crack/Cocaine
February 01
09:30 2019 - REPORTER NEWSPAPER - Feb. 1st. - 

Ivan de Jesus Lopez Vasquez, 36, a laborer of Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala, was nabbed with over a pound of cocaine on Saturday, right after he got on a BBOC bus that was leaving Benque Viejo del Carmen en route to Belmopan.

Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett told reporters this afternoon that Police who were on patrol in the area around 5:30 Saturday evening saw Lopez get on the bus with a black handbag. The officers followed him into the bus and searched the bag. This yielded a transparent parcel which contained two transparent bags which contained about a pound and a quarter of cocaine. A separate parcel in the bag contained 29 grams of crack cocaine.

Lopez was arrested and charged with two counts of Drug Trafficking and appeared in Court today, where he was fined $25,000 for the cocaine and an additional $10,000 for the crack cocaine. In addition, Lopez was sentenced to three years imprisonment.

Myvett said Police could not determine whether Lopez crossed with the drugs into Belize undetected through the official Customs/Immigration border point or whether he did so through an illegal point of entry. That information is being cross-checked with Immigration officials at this time to determine if he used an official travel document to enter Belize.

This was the first time that Lopez has come in contact with Belizean law enforcement authorities, but Myvett said that they have seen an increase in the interdiction of persons caught trafficking drugs in the western portion of Belize.

Myvett also added that Police have conducted strategic operations in the Benque Viejo area to deter drug trafficking into our border area and that the recent spike in arrests are the result of those operations. Police are looking at specific individuals in the area, as well he said, with a view to investigate the main suspects of drug trafficking there.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident on the same day, Police and BDF personnel who were conducting a vehicular checkpoint on the Arenal Road searched a Grey Nissan taxi in which they found almost a pound of marijuana.

The passenger, Guatemalan Ruth Naomi Ordonez, 39, of Santa Elena Town address, has been fined $10,000 on a charge of Drug Trafficking. Ordonez was given until the end of March to pay the fine or she will spend three years imprisonment.

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