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NGO Provides Support in Critical Times

NGO Provides Support in Critical Times
February 01
09:55 2019 - REPORTER NEWSPAPER - Feb. 1st. - 

The Belize Brain Awareness Society (BBAS), founded in May 2018, has quickly been gaining followers, popularity and members due to a need for support for victims and family members that have been battling neurological illnesses.

A couple of years ago, founding member Kaylia Nunez was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and had to undergo two brain surgeries in Cuba. Her experience, she says, made her vow to do everything possible to return to Belize to form a group that will provide support for persons who have to go through the same thing she did.

As a teacher, and a student, Nunez in the comfort of her humble Belmopan home conducts business on behalf of the NGO, and they have been able to secure the kind assistance of volunteers in the form of doctors, pediatric neurologists, nutritionists, oncologists and a neurosurgeon, along with others who work as a team to treat, counsel and guide those that are in need.

BBAS’ mission statement vows – “to go beyond the call of duty to educate, support, and change the lives of brain-disorder individuals directly affected, indirectly affected and non-affected through a quality outreach service. This is to provide the public with educational awareness, methods of the brain, which may be known and unknown to them, in an in-depth manner.”

Over the past year, the group has adopted several members who are able to access various discounts, in the form of consultation, screening or even medical tests at an affordable price. Some members are also placed on a waiting list for possible international aid from foreign counterparts.

“The organization is fairly new but it is rapidly growing due to a number of people that are battling brain illnesses, mental illness, depression, anxiety, mental states, neurological illness, brain tumors, cancers, etc. People have been constantly messaging us through our Facebook page asking to become members, placing a query or a concern, seeking assistance or even thanking us for our services,” Nunez told the Reporter.

Recently the NGO had adopted cancer patient Jaylen Young, 10, who unfortunately died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Wednesday morning, after four months of battling a tumor in his brain. Nunez explained that one of their oncologists had taken Jaylen’s case to Merida for review but it was rejected due to the seriousness of his case and the location of the tumor.

Nunez explained that the group then made arrangements to send Young’s case to another international hospital but just as they were able to compile all the necessary documents needed, he died.

Also under the BBAS group is Kristoff Rosado, 10, who successfully underwent brain surgery last weekend in Merida. This week the child’s family informed the Reporter that “he is recovering very well so far and hasn’t had any pain in two days. His stitches should be removed soon and we are awaiting his biopsy results, but he is looking normal, bright and active.”

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